• DIY Dumpling Easy Maker
  • DIY Dumpling Easy Maker
  • DIY Dumpling Easy Maker
  • DIY Dumpling Easy Maker

DIY Dumpling Easy Maker

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If you are tired of the traditional shape, then this molder can give you a new experience. It comes in four different shapes, butterfly, flower, heart and traditional half-moon. STIMULATE INTEREST

It's cute shape can stimulate children's interest in cooking and improve his hands-on ability. Enjoy the good time of cooking together and taste the joy of success together. MULTI-USE

It can also make cookies, desserts, meatloaf, chocolate, candy and more! so let your imagination run wild!SAFETY GUARANTEE

Made of food-grade material, non-toxic, tasteless, lightweight and heat-resistant, simple and easy to store. EASY TO USE

  1. Take the back and cut out the dough
  2. Put the dough on the dumpling container and put on the filling, spread some water on the edge
  3. Close the dumpling container firmly
  4. Open the dumpling device and it's done!





S: 60mm x 75mm x 110mm

M: 76mm x 95mm x 135mm

L: 92mm x 115mm x 170mm


S: 65mm x 65mm x 110mm

M: 80mm x 80mm x 135mm

L: 100mm x 100mm x 170mm


S: 65mm x 61mm x 115mm

M: 80mm x 75mm x 140mm

L: 100mm x 93mm x 175mm

Half Circle

S: 35mm x 87mm x 75mm

M: 40mm x 100mm x 90mm

L: 50mm x 120mm x 105mm

1 x DIY Dumpling Easy Maker

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